Note: assignments will be added, removed, and modified throughout the year, so CHECK THE DATE!

9/01/15 Personal Goal Setting

Personal Goal Setting Form

9/03/15 Desperation Writing

Desperation Writing Questions
Writer's Block Essay

Art Analysis - Compare/Contrast

Sample Class Presentation - Art Analysis Powerpoint
Note: The purpose of the slides is for you to see the information I've included in my analysis. YOUR presentation should include far less copy. Do not overload your slides with copy; keep them concise.

College Essay Planning

Self Interest Inventory
College Essay Planning Notes
College Essay Body Lab
Descriptive Narrative Peer Review

Supersize Me Analysis

Supersize Me Response
Response Essay Rubric

Magazine Ad Analysis

Directions: Choose an advertisement from a magazine and present an analysis of its use of appeals in order to achieve its purpose. You must answer the following questions and be prepared to present your findings. You must also attach a copy of the advertisement to your analysis.

1. What is the advertisement for? What is the product or service?
2. Describe the advertisement. What exactly is going on in the picture?
3. What is the purpose of the ad? That is, what is the essential thesis of the ad?
4. What appeals are being used? How?
5. Who is the intended audience? How do you know? That is, how has the ad been sculpted to appeal to this audience?
6. How effective is the ad? Why or why not?

Song Appeals Presentation

Rationale: Since lyrics often contain a plethora of emotional appeals, and since it is always enjoyable to listen to music, you and your partner will create a presentation for the class in which you play a song and analyze the lyrics by indentifying the emotional appeals and their intended effect on the audience.
1. with a partner, choose a song that you feel contains many emotional appeals
2. search the internet for lyrics and print two copies (give a copy to Mrs. Gallagher so she can copy for the class)
3. analyze the lyrics for emotional appeals, noting on your lyrics sheet where the emotional appeals are.
4. complete the Emotional Appeals form for your song.
5. prepare a presentation where you identify the emotional appeals in the song and discuss how they are meant to affect the audience. In other words, how do the appeals pull on people's heart strings, so to speak? BOTH groups members must plan on speaking
6. come to class with a way for us to hear your song (or a portion of it)

*for your presentation, submit your notated lyrics, your Emotional Appeals form, and your assignment rubric to Mrs. Gallagher first.