NOTE: Art Comparison Project Presentations are due Tuesday, 12/09

Week 12/8- 12/12:
Monday: Finalize Art Comparison Project
Wednesday: Process Analysis - "How to Write a Rotten Poem"
Thursday: Process Essay - Topic Selection
Friday: no class

Week 12/01- 12/05:
Monday: Art Comparison Project
Tuesday: Art Comparison Project
Wednesday: Art Comparison Project
Thursday: no class
Friday: Art Comparison Project

Week 11/17- 11/21:
Monday: Friendship mini essay
Tuesday: Division/Classification Packet
Wednesday: Division/Classification Essay Draft 1
Thursday: Division/Classification Essay Draft 2
Friday: no class

Week 11/10- 11/14:
Monday: revise Definition Essay
Tuesday: Division/classification Intro Reading
Wednesday: Revise for Final Draft
Thursday: no class-F/D
Friday: Friendship mini essay

Week 11/03- 11/07:
Monday: "Poverty" analysis
Tuesday: The Clinton Tourist
Wednesday: no class
Thursday: Definition Essay Packet
Friday: Definition essay r/d

Week 10/27- 10/31:
Monday: College Essay R/D
Tuesday: REvise college essay
Wednesday: revise college essay
Thursday: revise college essay

Week 10/13- 10/17:
Monday: no school
Tuesday: complete group analysis
Wednesday: Short Short Story
Thursday: Short short Story
Friday: Short Short Story

Week 10/06- 10/10:
Tuesday: Narration and Descriptions reading
Wednesday: "Shooting an Elephant"
Thursday: no class
Friday: "Myth of Latin Women"

Week 9/29 - 10/03:
Monday: Read/notate debate article
Tuesday: prepare debate (plus opening statement)
Wednesday: no class, prepare debate
Thursday: prepare debate
Friday: "Narration and Description" reading

Week 9/22 - 9/26:
Monday:Song Appeals Presentation
Tuesday: Song Appeals Presentation
Friday: Lorax Analysis

Week 9/15 - 9/19:
Monday: no class
Tuesday: Margaret Chase Smith SOAPSTone
Wednesday: Lincoln Inaugural Address
Thursday: Magazine Ad Analysis
Friday: Song Appeals Presentation (due 9/24)

Week 9/08-9/12
Monday: SAT practice test 1
Tuesday: SAT practice test 2
Wednesday: SAT practice test 3 (TBA)
Thursday: "Persuasion and Argument" reading
Friday: Frederick Douglass Article analysis

Week 9/01-9/05
Monday: no school
Tuesday: goal setting/introduction reading
Wednesday: no class
Thursday: PAS Analysis
Friday: Writer's Block Essay