NOTE: Competed R/D of your process analysis will be due Friday 1/08 at the end of class and must be accompanied by a peer revision.

Week 1/04-1/08
Monday: no class
Tuesday: Process analysis R/D due Friday
Wednesday: Process analysis R/D due Friday (peer revision)
Thursday: Process analysis R/D and peer revision
Friday: Read introduction to literary analysis

Week 11/30-12/04
Monday: no class - Final Draft Friendship Essay
Tuesday: Twain essay - "Two Views of the River"
Wednesday: TBA
Thursday: Comparison Response due Monday 12/07
Friday: Comparison Response due Monday 12/07

Week 11/23-11/27
Monday: Division/Classification packet reading
Tuesday: Revise essay
Wednesday: no school
Thursday: no school
Friday: no school

Week 11/16-11/20
Monday: "Modern Friendships" analysis
Tuesday: no class
Wednesday: Friendship categories/thesis
Thursday: Friendship essay
Friday: Friendship essay F/D

Week 11/09-11/13
Monday: No Class
Tuesday: TBA
Wednesday: Clinton Tourist Final Draft and Self-Analysis
Thursday: Definition Essay Draft 1
Friday: Definition Essay Draft 2

Week 11/02-10/06
Monday: Definition Packet-Garage Mechanics
Tuesday: "I Want a Wife" analysis
Wednesday: Definition Packet
Thursday: Clinton Tourist R/d
Friday: Clinton Tourist-Draft 2

Week 10/26-10/30
Monday: Narrative Packet
Tuesday: Revise narrative essay
Wednesday: definition reading
Thursday: definition packet
Friday: no class

Week 10/05-10/09
Monday: No class - submit Supersize Me Analysis
Tuesday: Persuasive prompt plus Self-Editing form
Wednesday: Narrative Packet
Thursday: 5 Senses Essay
Friday: Self Interest Inventory for College (see Assignments Page)

Week 9/28-10/02
Monday: "The Man from Washington" persuasive analysis
Tuesday: Film notes
Wednesday: Film notes
Thursday: Supersize Me Persuasive Analysis
Friday: Supersize Me Persuasive Analysis

Week 9/21-9/25
Monday: Song Appeals Presentation
Tuesday: "Nickeled and Dimed" Ethical Appeals Analysis
Wednesday: The Lorax Appeals Analysis
Thursday: The Lorax Appeals Analysis
Friday: No class

Week 9/14-9/18
Monday: "What to a Slave..." Analysis
Tuesday: #2 Pencil Ad
Wednesday: Song Appeals presentation
Thursday: no class
Friday: Song Appeals presentation

Week 9/07-9/11
Monday: no school
Tuesday: Independent vs. Team writing
Wednesday: No class
Thursday: "Persuasion and Argument" reading
Friday: Soapstone analysis

Week: 8/31-9/04
Monday: no school
Tuesday: supplies/goal setting/Introduction reading
Wednesday: No class
Thursday: practice P.A.S. analysis
Friday: Writer's Block Essay (due Tuesday via Turnitin.Com)